Discover Seattle from Above: The Best Aerial Tours, Scenic Flights, and Helicopter Rides

Seattle, with its stunning mix of urban landscapes, lush greenery, and dramatic water vistas, is a city best appreciated from the sky. Whether you’re a local looking to see your city from a new perspective or a visitor wanting to capture the best views, Seattle offers an array of aerial tours, scenic flights, and helicopter rides that promise unforgettable experiences. Here’s a guide to some of the best aerial adventures in the Emerald City.

Featured Helicopter Tours

Lake Chelan Helicopters LLC

Seaplane Rides

Seattle Seaplanes

Biplane Rides

Biplane Rides: Magic Air Tours

Seaplane Rides

Kenmore Air (Lake Washington)

Seaplane Rides

Kenmore Air (Lake Union)

Seaplane Rides

Seaplane Scenics

Helicopter Tours

Atomic Helicopters

Helicopter Tours

Seattle Heli Tours

Tips for Your Aerial Adventure

  • Book in Advance: These tours are popular, especially during the summer months. Booking in advance ensures you get your preferred time and date.
  • Weather Considerations: Seattle’s weather can be unpredictable. Check the forecast and confirm your flight beforehand, as visibility and conditions can affect your experience.
  • Camera Ready: Whether it’s a smartphone or a professional camera, make sure it’s charged and ready to capture the breathtaking views.
  • Dress Comfortably: Layers are a good idea as temperatures can vary, especially in open-air seaplanes or helicopters.


Seeing Seattle from above offers a unique and breathtaking perspective of this vibrant city and its surroundings. Whether you choose the nostalgic charm of a seaplane, the thrill of a helicopter ride, or the convenience of a virtual flight, Seattle’s aerial tours promise unforgettable memories and spectacular views. Soar high and discover why Seattle is even more magical from the sky.

Ready to take flight? Book your Seattle aerial adventure today and see the Emerald City like never before!

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